Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Another Film Crew

As we headed home from Connect 2017, we were thrilled to be wrapping up our journey. Just when we thought we were winding down, we received another request to film our students. This request came from our Board's communication department that was interested in filming our students engaged in deep learning tasks. The goal was to convey deep learning to a number of different audiences connected with OCSB. Some of the target audiences were educators, parents, and prospective parents. It was neat to see that the students themselves can articulate what it is they are doing and how they are learning. Once again, our learning deepened as we listened to our students interact and talk about their experience around deep learning.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Connect 2017

Our biggest conference attendance to date! Our final presentation of the year was at Connect 2017. CONNECT is Canada's largest education technology conference. With over 2000 participants, people come together to share best practices around education technology in an "ever increasing global and digital economy" (Connect 2017). Not only were we presenters but we were also participants eager to gain new knowledge and interact with colleagues of similar mindsets.

It was 3 days of jam packed educational goodness. We had the experience to meet a group from Timmins, Ontario from the District School Board Ontario North East who have compiled an excellent resource on makerspaces

As we began to set up for our presentation in the ballroom, we were a bit intimated at the size of the room and the amount of chairs and tables that would potentially be filled with educators. As we began to set up our interactive stations, the buzz began. Our goal was to talk very little about our journey and to give a hands on component that would allow teachers to walk through the same process the students would. Our stations consisted of a green screen, makey makey, dash, sphero, and lego tasks all with task cards linked to curriculum (STEAM).

We were particularly intrigued by a group of four fellows from the midwest who gravitated to the makey makey station. The focus at the makey makey station was to create an interactive poster around retelling a fairy tale. We coined them "Cinderfellas" because of their enthusiasm for the task and retell. What is even more gratifying was the hear back through a tweet " Gear
ing up for a deep learning PD experience next Friday @CLMSrvs - @Scratch in action with @makeymakey @rvsed- Thanks @DaintyGiraffe!